Engineering Division

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The Engineering Division of Jurby WaterTech International offers 30 years of experience in customized solutions and services in industrial water treatment, water purification and wastewater treatment for key industries.

We are offering wide range of professional solutions and services:

  • Implementation of projects on the terms of EPC and EPCM;
  • Research and analysis of the efficiency of the Customer’s existing water treatment systems;
  • Development of new water treatment systems, as well as expansion of the Customer’s existing systems;
  • Feasibility studies;
  • Basic and detail engineering;
  • Production of equipment;
  • Installation supervision and commissioning;
  • Pilot testing (A small scale-study conducted prior to designed to test and improve a technological scheme);
  • Training of Customer’s personnel;
  • Warranty and post-warranty service;
  • Service maintenance.

The Division’s portfolio includes all the proven and latest technologies for the industrial and household water purification and treatment. There are professionals of more than 25 specialties in the Division. This ensures high-quality support for the client during the entire project implementation time.

Wide range of services and our professionals allow us to reduce project implementation time and apply proven technological solutions. Our client is relieved from the burden of choosing suppliers and coordinating individual parts of the project and we optimize financial costs for client and reduce the possibility of errors.

Structure of the Engineering Division:

  • Design and Engineering Department;
  • Production Department;
  • Service and Commissioning Department;
  • New Technologies Development Department;
  • Sales and customer service Department.

Technological Solutions of the Engineering Division

  • JurbyFlow series UF are designed to remove suspended solids, colloidal impurities, iron, aluminum, humates (reduces turbidity and water color from natural and waste water).
  • JurbyFlow series RO are designed to remove dissolved impurities and desalinate water.
  • JurbyFlow series EDI are designed for deep water desalination.
  • JurbyFlow series MDE are designed to remove dissolved gases from water (oxygen, carbon dioxide, etc.).
  • AquaHard series MX are designed for preparation and dosing of solutions.
  • AquaHard series MF are designed for purification of natural and wastewater from suspended solids, iron removal and demanganization (water clarification by pressure filtration).
  • AquaHard series AC are designed to purify natural and wastewater from toxic substances, dissolved impurities, gases, heavy metals, improve odor, taste, color (by sorption filtration).
  • AquaHard series I are designed to purify natural and wastewater from dissolved impurities by ion-exchange desalination.
  • GreenFort series MBR are designed for biological wastewater treatment from organic impurities, biogenic elements, suspended and colloidal substances. Effectively remove microplastics from water.
  • GreenFort OS series are designed for the treatment of wastewater containing oil products with the function of a thin-layer sump, serve to separate suspended sediments from washing water and collect floating oil products.
  • GreenFort FL series are designed to treat wastewater from suspended solids, oil products and other emulsified liquid substances with a high concentration.
  • GreenFort ST Series technology solutions for dehydration and compaction of sludge from wastewater treatment and pre-treatment of natural waters.
  • A-Stream of the CD series are designed to purify natural and wastewater from suspended solids and coarse impurities.