Engineering projects

ObjectCountry/RegionYear of implementationPurposeTechnology
RefineryEurasia2021Water block filtersSelf-cleaning filters 2х216 m3/h Self-cleaning filters 2х100 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2020Equipment for chemical water treatment plantUltrafiltration plant 780 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 685 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 200 m3/h Na-cationization plant 840 m3/h Electrodeionization unit 660 m3/h Membrane degassing plant672 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2020Water softening plantNa-cationization plant4х30m3/h
RefineryEurasia2017Equipment for the installation of chemical water treatment of the hydrocracking complex  Self-cleaning filters2х90m3/h Ultrafiltration plant 2х90m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 4x65m3/h Na-cationization plant2х100m3/h
RefineryUzbekistan2017For technological needs. Wastewater treatmentBiological treatment station in container design 95 m³/day
RefineryEurasia2017For technological needs: two additional modules for the WTP ultrafiltration unit and servicesUltrafiltration plant 200 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2016HVO installation; Condensate treatment plant, 500 m³/h (for chemically demineralized water)WTP: Ultrafiltration plant  900 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation of 1 stage 810 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation of 2 stage 420 m3/h Electrodeionization unit420 m3/h Condensate treatment: Clarifying filters400 m3/h Sorption filters 300 m3/h Na-cationization plant 680 m3/h.
RefineryEurasia2015Water treatment: 693 m³/h (WT) +77 m³/h (condensate treatment)WTP: Decarbonization unit 400 m3/h Clarifying filters690 m3/h Na-cationization plant 430 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 6,8 m3/h Condensate treatment: Clarifying filters80 m3/h Na-cationization plant 80 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2014Design of WT for technological needsDemineralization and condensate treatment unit 494 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2014For feeding boilers, Condensate treatmentClarifying filters70 m3/h Sorption filters 70 m3/h Na-cationization plant 64 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2013Water treatment unit (BMF AND BOOS)Self-cleaning filters 14 m3/h Ultrafiltration plant 14 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 7 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2013Condensate cleaning unitSorption filters12 m3/h Mixed filters12 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2012Reconstruction of the make-up water treatment unit BOV-2 and BOV-5 of shop No. 16Clarifying filters90 m3/h Decontamination plant 85 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2012Waterblock BOV 6. Demineralization of make-up waterClarifying filters 3х80 m3/h Ultrafiltration plant 3х55,3 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 3х35 m3/h
Plant of petrochemical and chemical productsUkraine2012For feeding low pressure boilersClarifying filters102 m3/h Na-cationization plant 102 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2011Turnkey construction. Process waterF, softening 200 m³/h
RefineryEurasia2010Hydrocracking complex. DesaltingUV decontamination plant 145 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 4х70 m3/h Electrodeionization unit4х64 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2009For feeding low pressure boilersClarifying filters70 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 50m3/h
RefineryEurasia2008For feeding medium and high pressure boilersUltrafiltration plant 140 m3/h Н-ОН demineralization 120 m3/h Mixed filters120 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2008For feeding low pressure boilersUltrafiltration plant 250 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 200 m3/h Reconstruction of the VTI clarifier – 250 m3/h; Reconstruction of the Na-cationization unit of I, II stages 400 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2008Industrial and household needsClarifying filters200 m3/h Na-cationization unit 200 m3/h
RefineryEurasia2006Preparation of drinking and household waterContainer equipment: Clarifying filters 20 m3/h
TPPEurasia2005For feeding high pressure boilersUltrafiltration plant 420 m3/h Reverse osmosis installation 300 m3/h Sorption unit 80 m3/h Mixed filters300 m3/h
RefineryLithuania2003For technological needsIron removing plant 70 m3/h
RefineryLithuania2003For feeding medium pressure boilersDegasation plant 70 m3/h