Containerized greywater treatment plant for coal mining company


Biological Wastewater treatment


To implement Containerized Wastewater Treatment plant for company wastewater treatment fulfilling the requirements for the effluent to be disposed into the river.

Water source


About the project

The wastewater treatment plant consists of mechanical pre-treatment, equalizer tank, and the biological wastewater treatment plant.

Facts and figures

Mechanical pretreatment m3/day 1 200
Membrane bioreactor m3/day 600
Activated carbon filtration m3/day 800

Facts and figures

Parameter Unit Influent Effluent
Suspended solids mg/dm3 165 ≤ 2,0
Oil products mg/dm3 0,46 ≤ 0,05
Total iron (Fe) mg/dm3 0,80 ≤ 0,1
Manganese (Mn) mg/dm3 0,060 ≤ 0,01
Copper (Cu) mg/dm3 0,003 ≤ 0,001
Nickel (Ni) mg/dm3 0,005 ≤ 0,002
Phosphates mg/dm3 0,31 ≤ 0,05
Nitrite nitrogen mg/dm3 1,30 ≤ 0,073
Nitrate nitrogen mg/dm3 17,0 ≤ 2,77
Ammonium nitrogen mg/dm3 12,5 ≤ 0,40
BOD mg O2/dm3 28,2 ≤ 3,0
Phenols mg/dm3 0,001 ≤ 0,001
Chromium mg/dm3 0,005 ≤ 0,002
Zinc mg/dm3 0,08 ≤ 0,01


This project was a challenge for our engineers because of source greywater differed from the domestic greywater characteristics: BOD was very low, high pH indicator, a large ratio of COD/BOD, which is atypical for greywater, and there were other pollutants, typical for industrial wastewater. Our engineers designed the containerized wastewater treatment plant with the Membrane bioreactor (MBR) with the flat sheet type MBR membranes. We have not only to meet the strict effluent requirements but also to make our equipment fit in the space-limited container.
The project was implemented successfully. The containerized wastewater treatment plant is reliably operating in a continuous mode and the treated effluent fulfills the requirement to be disposed into the river.