Stormwater treatment plant with oil separator greenfort series os in power plant


Stormwater treatment


To obtain treated water that complies with the requirements for discharging it into surface water bodies.

Water source


About the project

The equipment is designed and manufactured for industrial rainwater
treatment facilities. It was the first project where the oil separator
GreenFort series OS was installed. Oil separator GreenFort series OS
is designed by our engineers and manufactured in our facilities.


NaOCl dosing unit AquaHard series MX -> Mechanical filtration unit
AquaHard series MF -> Active carbon filters AquaHard series AC ->
Oil separator GreenFort series OS

Equipment capacity

Sodium Hypochlorite Storage and Dosing Unit, 60 l/h;
Unit of Mechanical Filtration, 540 m3/h;
Unit of Sorption Filtration, 540 m3/h;
Oil Separator, 17,5 x 2 = 35 m3/h.

Water parameters

Parameter Unit Feed After treatment
Oil products mg/dm3 6.0 £ 0.05
BOD mg O2/dm3 5.8 £ 2.0
COD mg O2/dm3 82.0 £ 15.0
TCB (total coliform bacteria) CFU/100 ml 1090.0 £ 500
TCB (thermotollerant coliform bacteria) CFU/100 ml 560.0 £ 100
Coliphages BFU/100 ml 12.0 £ 10


Treated water from the stormwater treatment is discharged to the surface waterbodies, so it is important to reduce the oil products. The oil separator GreenFort series OS was designed for the treatment of backwash water of mechanical and active carbon filters with oil/petroleum products contamination by the thin-layered sedimentation tank.