Maintenance and R&D

Jurby WaterTech International provides complete start-up, technical support, and on-site surveillance of chemical water treatment process throughout all application time. Our qualified and experienced engineers carry out all work required for the effective operation of chemical water treatment of boilers, cooling towers, and reverse osmosis plants, including:

  • examination and analysis of system performance and the water-chemical regime;
  • identification of problems and their causes;
  • selection the most appropriate treatment programme comprised of JurbySoft® and ROptima® products;
  • design and manufacturing of dosing and monitoring equipment AquaDos;
  • Installation and commissioning of dosing and monitoring equipment;
  • regular visiting to check water quality and overall chemical water treatment performance;
  • if needed, implementation of corrective actions in chemical water treatment;
  • replacement of equipment and parts, the calibration and adjustment of measuring devices and dosing pumps;
  • training and consultation of operating personnel.

Whatever a plant’s operational problems or damage, Jurby WaterTech International’s service engineers can prepare a detailed diagnosis of the problem in a very short time, analyse the type of corrective solution required to eliminate the issues and recommend the most economical preventive maintenance to prevent the same problem happening in the future. To accomplish the stated tasks, the service department has all the modern equipment required and up-to-date measurement devices from the world’s leading manufacturers.

Qualified technical specialists, wide operational experience, and the availability of the Chemical Water Treatment Division’s R&D Laboratory allow the engineers to work continuously on the improvement and development of new technologies to meet the growing demands of operations and environmental services.

The key advantages of cooperation with Jurby WaterTech International are its rich experience in the field of water treatment, the responsible way it deals with issues and the high creative potential of company personnel.

Research & Development Laboratory

The Research and Development (R&D) laboratory is a part of the Chemical Water Treatment and the Engineering Divisions. The R&D laboratory’s main goals are studying the new prevailing trends in science and engineering, and developing and implementing the technology to meet customer requirements of today and in the future.

Some of R&D laboratory objectives:

  • Finding new active materials for chemical water treatment products creation/improvement;
  • Specialized data analysis of scientific information and objects documentation;
  • New products development based on client’s request and engineer’s submitted problems;
  • Selection of suitable and effective chemical treatment programmes for a different types of processes;
  • Membrane technology processes;
  • Investigation of specific problems related to customers’ water systems;
  • Final process modelling on pilot installations, problem simulation and monitoring for the evaluation of technology effectiveness;
  • Development of economical, practical, and ecological solutions; etc.

The main product types in which the R&D laboratory specialises are: scale, corrosion inhibitors, dispersants, biocides, antiscalants, cleaners, etc. for use in open cooling systems, coolers, boilers, closed cooling/heating systems and reverse osmosis systems.

The Jurby WaterTech International specialists are ready to assist you and provide the best-quality service to suit all cases. According to your request, specialists will recommend specially selected products and water treatment programmes and technologies for you. Contact us.